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We’re already a couple of weeks in 2021, and a LOT of folks have already forgotten those New year’s Resolutions from December 31st. In reality, that’s nothing new, but we want to ask you to make a resolution nobody else made. What are your resolutions to grow your skills in your job this year?

Are you going to work on your interpersonal relationships, or improve your credit score, or save more money? In reality, ALL of those are better if you learn how to make more money, even if you’re only doing the same job you’ve done for years.

Think about it: Would you be able to get in better shape with a personal trainer instead of a free version of an exercise app? Would your relationship with your spouse be better if you never had to worry about the balance in the checking account? Or how you can afford to take the family on a vacation? Would that credit score be better if you were always able to pay off the entire balance, not the monthly minimum?

As funny as it seems, these resolutions are a lot easier to achieve when you have plenty of money. So why is it that so few people create resolutions that neglect sharpening the skills they need to make more money?

Maybe you need to revise those resolutions to reflect what you’re personally going to do to make more money in 2021. Maybe it’s training, or finally getting focused on the job you’ve always done, but with an eye to growth instead of subsistence. Maybe it’s simply asking for more support from mentors and the people you report to. Make 2021 the year that changed everything for you and your life.

Now, I’m going to ask you to take one more step with me:

  • Will you share those financial goals with us?
  • Will you be bold enough to write them down and fight like crazy to achieve them this year?
  • Will you be bold enough to get excited about being in another tax bracket this year?

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts! If you are in need of any assistance in terms of managing your finances, tax, and so on, feel free to contact us today.

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