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Even while we continue to fight COVID-19 and its impact on the economy, many perfectly healthy folks who don’t have any physical challenges are doomed.

Not by the virus, but by the negativity they’ve become used to – the continuous flow of negativity from social media, the news, and their personal relationships.

But there’s actually five easy ways to beat this mental breakdown, and if 2020 seems to still be dragging you down, here’s the antidote for you…

  • Become Consistent. If you are really ready to succeed in life, regardless of what the Coronavirus has in store for you, your family, or your job, you HAVE to become more consistent. When will you wake up? What do I do next? What do I do when I get to work? If I don’t have work how will I get work? Be consistent. Successful people don’t change their approach unless it doesn’t work — they only change to change with conditions.
  • Quit striving to be “normal.” Average isn’t good. Average isn’t enough. And average is never going to get you noticed and allow you to rise in any position in your company or to make the kind of money you want to make. Let’s face it, even though there is plenty of money floating around on this planet, most people don’t have much of it. It’s because most people won’t take more actions to get more money even in a crisis.
  • Not setting goals. As much as many people hate it, goal setting might be the biggest reason for anyone to become successful. With the New Year, a lot of people have made resolutions, but very few actually thought about them.You should set realistic and optimistic goals to allow you to blow right past the competition in your industry, your company, and even your co-workers.
  • A sense of entitlement. We’ve seen this over and over again during the pandemic. People who argue for a “living wage” or a “universal basic income” but refuse to take the time to improve their own skills. Entitled people will never work hard enough to earn any real money because they feel things should be given to them. Nobody who accepts government handouts is rich — and they never will be unless they change their mindset. Slaves get just enough to survive.
  • Realizing that “sales” skills are relevant in all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, a car salesman, or a regional manager, everything you want in life is a sale when you really think about it. It’s an exchange of value, or ideas, of materials, of money … for something else. We live and work in an economy, and that economy is driven by sales. Those who have sales skills – or can adapt them to their particular job – will thrive while those who don’t will subsist.

For 2021, you should think about these five observations and use them to help guide you in the new year. Even more importantly, you can use them to make yourself have the biggest financial rewards you’ve ever gotten in one year

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