At Prestige Accounting & Consulting our expertise in IOLTA Accounting and legal accounting enables us to leverage specialized strategies to boost the profitability of law firms.

Our unique ABC bundle—consisting of Accounting, Business and personal Taxes, and Consulting—comes at a flat monthly rate, eliminating any unexpected expenses.

We specialize in IOLTA accounting and assist law firms in maximizing profitability.
Our expertise extends to crafting comprehensive tax plans that consistently lead to significant reductions in liabilities, ranging from $15,000 to $75,000. Unlike other firms, we remain dedicated year-round to refining these tax plans, ensuring they remain aligned with any fluctuations in income.

T. Jayden Doye, CPA

Jayden was not always the financial guru that he is today. Growing up in a household just shy of the federal poverty line in Prince George’s County, Maryland, he knew the importance of money management but didn’t have the tools to create the financial stability he so desperately craved. After graduating Towson University with a B.S in Accounting and incurring a large amount of debt, Jayden was determined to make a change.

With a little hard work and A LOT of sacrifice, Jayden became independent, gained professional growth as an accountant at a small CPA firm in Atlanta, and became a Certified Public Accountant. Over the next years, he’s worked with clients in just about every industry — helping them not only expand their financial portfolios, but to create plans that ensure financial sustainability and minimize taxability.

As a CPA, Jayden’s goal is to help entrepreneurs like himself gain independence and create a unique action plan to bring more to their bottom line while paying less in taxes.

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Our mission is to provide superior, accurate, and reliable IOLTA accounting, tax, and advisory services for small to medium law firms. Our unique approach focuses on increasing clients' net income and reducing tax liability. Our expertise is particularly beneficial to law firms generating six to seven figures in revenue who require customized tax savings


Aspiring to be the go-to Certified Public Accounting firm for law firm owners, Prestige Accounting Solutions, LLC is built on proactive monitoring and implementing customized tax savings strategies. As one of the few Profits First Certified firms, we excel in ensuring our clients are among the most profitable law firms.

We're a Profit First Certified Firm

Which gives us the capability to implement the profit first
method with our clients ensuring their profitability.
Utilizing IOLTA accounting and legal accounting practices
to enhance law firm profitability and adherence to IOLTA account rules.


We make sure our clients are ALWAYS IMPROVING.
Now that we live in a digital age we always seek new methods of INNOVATION to streamline business processes to better serve more clients.
We help our clients embrace CLARITY so that they can focus on working with the community
they wish to serve.
We help our clients obtain profits from their PASSION.
We help our clients monitor success by tracking ACCURATE RESULTS.

We are the preferred Accounting Tax and Business Advisory Firm

We specialize in IOLTA accounting and prioritize not just revenue growth, but also alleviating common entrepreneurial stressors for our clients, enabling them to truly enjoy their best life.

Unlike typical CPA firms that focus solely on post-facto accounting, we take a proactive approach, assisting our clients in crafting comprehensive tax plans. Through these strategies, we frequently achieve substantial liability reductions, often ranging from $15,000 to $75,000.

We maintain a year-round engagement with our clients, ensuring that their tax plans are continuously adjusted to accommodate any fluctuations in income.

Distinguished by our Profit First Certified designation, our firm excels by implementing the profit first method for our clients, thereby guaranteeing their enhanced profitability.

Elevated firm profits empower owners to allocate more time to explore the myriad of enriching experiences our world has to offer, unburdened by financial liabilities.



At Prestige Accounting Solutions we have helped a variety of small business with their accounting needs. 

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In our Prestige packages we help law firm owners who feel burnt out climb from 6-figure revenues to 6-figure profits so that they can take at least 4 vacations a year. Through working directly with us, clients will create a business enterprise that fulfills them rather than drain their energy.

The average client in our program sees the following results:
Higher profit margins
Higher paying clients
Lower tax liability
Lower employee turnover
Increased work-life balance
More family time

It's typical for our clients to have a  firm that diverts 40% of gross  revenue to the firm owner.

This happens because we infuse a strategic blend of accounting and business coaching which accelerates their business growth and profit margins. In order to have a multi-million dollar firm, the firm owner must spend more time working on the business instead of in the business. The mindset of an ARCHER-prenuer is needed rather than that of a manager. We coach our clients on how to shift their mindset so that they can shift their bank accounts!