Our Process

Working With Prestige Accounting Solutions
Helping You Pay Less To The IRS

At Prestige Accounting Solutions, our skilled, experienced professionals use secure, best-of-breed technology and our proven 5-Step C.L.I.M.B. process to help professional firms to increase profitability & decrease taxability. We have three flat-fee monthly packages that which bundle the following services: monthly bookkeeping, tax planning &business advisory. We’re here to take on the accounting work that would otherwise divert you from your core competency.

Getting Started

Once you have paid your fee to start, our partnership begins with a onboarding call. You’ll meet your finance, consultant, learn about our technology and processes, and get a clear overview of our outsourced bookkeeping and tax services.

Working Together

Every month we will need certain documents in order to complete our accounting process. We will go over that during the kick-off call. All requests will be sent via our project management system. 

Making It Easy for You

You can send us your back-office documents (e.g. bills, invoices) by uploading files via our web portal, submitting photos via your smartphone. Once your bookkeeping/taxes are complete, you will receive a link to book a review call at a time that is convenient for you.

A Team Effort

Prestige Accounting Solutions has three departments:

  1. Special projects – Handle tax resolution,  onboarding new clients & creation of the tax plan, profit first plan & 90-day action plan.
  2. Finance – After the client has been caught up to date with year-to-date taxes and bookkeeping, the finance department complete the monthly bookkeeping  & prepares the financial statements. 
  3. Tax – The Tax Department prepares tax returns & tax plans for clients. Every quarter the tax department will make required changes to the tax plan per fluctuations in the client’s income.

Each client is assigned an account manger and Financial consultant to ensure financial success.

Always Here for You

We’ll be there for everything from answering and processing your questions to keeping you on top of key business data and working on ad hoc projects as needed.

Room to Grow

As your business grows and demands change, we can add more resources as needed. One of the many benefits of working with Prestige is that you don’t only get access to our team but also our network of referral partners.

Our C.L.I.M.B. Methodology

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