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2020 has been a lonnnnnnnng year, and while there’s a lot of “doom and gloom” in the news today (and seemingly every day), the men and women who are truly prospering in 2020 aren’t, as a lot, special.

They’re overweight, underweight, tall, short, female, male, black, white, brown.

Their businesses are building products, services, continuing education, digital offerings, local, national, and international sales.

In other words, they are in everything and everywhere.

There’s no reason you and your business cannot do it, either.

So what are smart entrepreneurs doing to make 2020 so profitable? Not “pivoting” – that’s an overused analogy for this year. On the other hand, they are thinking critically about how to deliver their promise to their customers and bring aboard new customers.

How can you do that?

It all starts with understanding the company you already have built. When you do that, the next step is asking, “what’s missing in this picture?”

How do you determine that? Simple! Ask your clients. What else do they need from you? What else are they worried about? Do they feel they need alternate ways for you and your business to deliver your promise to them?

Don’t just start inquiring random people – ask the people that have already given you money.

In our own practice, we see this reflected nearly everyday – heck, you’re reading it now. I have an incredible Rolodex of names and resources at my disposal, and I offer them to you when we meet and in these emails every month. Now, truth be told, I’m limited in how I can personally profit from that – I have certain requirements and responsibilities as a CPA.

In many industries, though, you don’t have those. Partnering and affiliate sales can offer a great value to your clients and not only become a powerful tool for new sales, but also for lead generation and referrals.

At the same time, you MUST think how you can insert a new line of products into your business if the majority of your sales are “one to one.”

Could you create a “one to many” product that still helps your customers and allows you to automate the entire sale and end result of those clients joining you?

I’ll bet you could – but do you want to?

Do you believe in yourself enough to buck the trends that have always slowed down and stymied small business? More importantly, are you willing to put in the work to grow and to see the ideas you’ve dreamed up come to life?

To make sure that the growing pains of new products, and new clients, and territories are all being overcome through your leadership and hard work?

It all really comes down to that, doesn’t it? Hard work. Vision. Purpose. Mission.

If you’re willing to do it, I’m willing to do everything my team and I can do to help you and your company grow.

Just let us know how we can help you do it.

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