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What’s the point of going to Miami if you can’t have a little fun? It can’t be all business and no play. During our business retreat, we stayed at a mansion. We had a pool in the backyard where we lounged in the evenings and got to know each other personally. Members of the prestige platinum program have been meeting on zoom throughout the year, but many have never met in person. Although I do agree that zoom makes meetings very convenient, I have to say that there’s no replacing the connections that you can make in person. We also had a chance to go to Aventura Mall and eat at J Christopher’s and Tap 42 (I recommend both restaurants).

The participants were engaged and enthusiastic about learning. The curriculum I composed for the retreat was dense, but everyone paid attention the whole time to my surprise. I pushed people out of their comfort zone and allowed them to make social media videos on the spot during their retreat. Test their public speaking skills by speaking on camera. Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we have analysis paralysis, and because we don’t have the right guide, it hinders growth. I enjoy being that guide for others. We had a private chef name Chef Rahbin who made breakfast and lunch for us; it was amazing!

Indeed the Much-Needed Business Retreat

Over the three days, we did various activities that helped the participants map out their firm’s vision. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and structure a profitable one-minute introduction. Create a plan for things to delegate and, most importantly, devise a plan to have a 6 figure salary without working over 40 hours a week. So many people tell me how much they want to make in business, but they have no plan to get there. That led me to create the content for this retreat. I walked the participants through setting their revenue goals, the number of clients they need to close, the number of prospects they need to get in front of and most importantly, a marketing strategy to reach their BEST client.

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