Create PNC bank “view-only” access for Bookkeeping

Instructions for creating view-only bookkeeper access using PNC Bank and PNC credit cards.

PNC Bank gives business owners the option to grant “view only” access for accountants/bookkeepers.

That means we can log in with our own login credentials and only have limited access to bank statements, check copies, and ability to connect accounts to QuickBooks Online. This protects your accounts from anyone having access to make cash transfers or write checks.

To grant us “View only” access, follow the steps below:

  • Log into
  • Click on the ‘Business Tools’ tab in the menu across the top of your screen and find the ‘Account Delegation” box.
  • Click the ‘Add/Edit Sub Users’ button under ‘Account Delegation’
  • Add our information to the Sub User form. You can use any user ID and temp password you’d like.
  • Grant us access to ‘Accounts’ by checking the box
  • Add access to all business accounts by checking the box next to each one. Don’t forget to include these check boxes below:
    • Online Statements
    • View images of checks and deposit slips
  • Click ‘Save’ and email us the User ID you created, with the temporary password. We will log in and create our own password.


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