Insurance Agencies

Are you planning to set up your own insurance agency? Then we’re here to help you out! Here with us, we can help you set up your financial data like tax, accounting, payroll and more for your new business. Get started now.


Setting up a new insurance agency? We have helped others before! We, at Prestige Accounting Solutions, can help guide you on how to set up your tax, payroll, and accounting, and get off the ground in a seamless manner.


Our staff at Prestige Accounting Solutions manage all of the annual/quarterly compliance, including income tax returns, property tax returns, 1099s, and payroll. This enables you to concentrate on operating your business.


Would you like us to resolve your books? No problem. We will take all the intense accounting responsibilities away from you and give you monthly or quarterly reports.


Looking for someone to help you set up and/or operate your payroll? Prestige Accounting Solutions can do that! We will take all the hassle of preparing and running your payroll and make it for you while you go on with your business.

Tax/Financial Planning

Would you like to reduce your annual tax burden? Our proprietary plan will lessen your IRS liability. It’s our task to reduce your tax by giving you financial and tax advice throughout the year. We also direct you during the life of your agency and suggest setting up 401k / Quickbooks, etc.

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How To Decide Which Cases NOT To Take

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How to Set Up and Keep Track of Your IOLTA

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5 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Legal Trust Accounts

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