Are you a healthcare professional? If so, you may have been subjected to reduced pay and other factors that may lessen your overall income, especially for the long term. Learn how you can save more money and lessen your taxes in an efficient and legal manner with us today.

As a healthcare practitioner, you are faced with the everyday burden of reduced pay, restrictions of the Affordable Care Act, tax fines, and numerous financial decisions like:
  • How can I legally, but in the best possible way, lessen my taxes?
  • Are my assets protected fully? Do I need to take other steps?

You probably have been overwhelmed with the paperwork and concerns about the requirements of ACA, HIPPA, and Medicare. You may not like to waste precious time learning a complicated tax code, evaluate business agreements, and conduct bookkeeping for your profession, but you may not know where to begin or who to trust. This is where Prestige Accounting Solutions can help.

Prestige Accounting Solutions is a full-service public accounting firm based in Atlanta, composed of reliable consultants working every day to provide the most exemplary service. We provide quality, accurate and effective accounting, taxation, and consulting services for businesses. We also concentrate on supporting professional service providers who earn six and seven figures and need legal and ethical means to pay less to the IRS and save money from their profits and jobs.

Our workers are incredibly motivated to help our society with sound financial practices. We believe in rendering reverence in our interactions with every customer and staff member. We implement integrity in all our policies and procedures to ensure that respect is attained both internally and externally. In addition to delivering exceptional service to our customers, we ensure that each of our employees completes at least 30 hours of continued education each quarter.

T. Jayden Doye, CPA, seeks to help entrepreneurs, like himself, gain independence and create a distinctive action plan that will bring them more to their goals while paying less in taxes. Prestige Accounting Solutions is dedicated to prioritizing your best interests. We believe that you deserve to be in business with seasoned and caring consultants who will consider your finances not just during taxation but throughout the year.

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